Participants will learn PC fundamentals and the features of Microsoft Office. Participants will also learn how to do research on the internet using Web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge. Participants will be trained extensively on the use of Computer Based Testing (CBT) applications to enable them be better prepared to undertake CBT examinations. This is due to the fact that many participants fail CBT examinations not because of their lack of knowledge in the subject matter, but because they lack the knowledge and skill needed to navigate the CBT environment.



At the end of the program participants should be able to:


  • Use CBT applications
  • Create digital documents
  • Understand the Microsoft Office and windows environment
  • Properly CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) documents.
  • Print / Send documents using email sending application(s)
  • Create and edit basic worksheets using Microsoft Excel.
  • Modify the appearance of data within a worksheet.
  • Understand the basics of Microsoft Office
  • Print the content of an Excel worksheet.
  • Start new presentation slides
  • Properly CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) slides.
  • Present slides to public



The Computer Appreciation & Internet Utility course is suitable for a wide range of participants, but will be specifically beneficial to:

  • Youths, students and University Graduates
  • All Supervisors, Middle Managers, Department Heads and Senior Managers
  • Engineers and other technical professionals moving into management or leadership positions
  • Human Resource Personnel including HR Business Partners
  • Non-business professionals who need a wider understanding of basic computer skills
  • Professionals who would like a refresher in Computer Appreciation & Internet Utility.