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Data Analysis And Visualization


All the Big Giant to Startup companies all of them use Data Visualization and analyze their data using data analysis. Amazon, Google, Facebook, Airbnb, Twitter, Apple, Flipkart, Walmart, YouTube all are on the list.

This course prepares data analytics professionals to communicate analytics results to business audiences, in a business context while being mindful of the skills, incentives, priorities and psychology of the audience. It also equips analysts with an array of tools, skills, behaviours and insights into analytics audiences to achieve this aim. Data visualization and communication skills are vital for today’s data analytics professional.

Data visualisation is a vital component of data analytics, as is the communication of its results to management. The use of advanced data visualisation tools for insights generation is a key and common skill of data scientists and other advanced data analytics professionals. What is often lacking in this skill set is a completely different use of visualization: the communication of analytics results to other people, whose quantitative analysis and interpretation skills are typically not at the same level of data scientists

Learning Outcome

  • Understand the importance of data visualization and analysis
  • Identify stakeholders and key components imperative to an analytics project plan
  • Visually identify, monitor, and remove process variation
  • Learn Data preprocessing, processing and Visualization
  • Understanding Logistics regression, linear regression and regularizations
  • Explain how to create a compelling data story.


27 Hours course duration (3 hours class session)

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