This course explores graphic communication through the understanding of the elements and principles of design; as well as, the design process, from idea development through the final execution of a document. Professionals use the concepts explored in this course in the following disciplines: advertising, graphic design, web design, illustration, broadcast design, photography and game design and many others.



  • Define and trace the development of Graphic Design
  • Identify the numerous design careers which are available
  • Evaluate designs (your work and others) for audience, meaning and effectiveness
  • Identify and use the Elements and Principles of Design in a decisive fashion
  • Distinguish between the types of graphic images used
  • Understand and use color to communicate ideas to others
  • Understand the principles of graphic placement
  • Use typography effectively in a design
  • Utilize Adobe Photoshop to edit photographs and create artistic imagery
  • Utilize Adobe InDesign to create publications such as advertisements and brochures



  • The Graphics and Multimedia Design course is suitable for a wide range of professionals, but will be specifically beneficial to:
  • University undergraduates and graduates
  • NYSC members
  • Unemployed Youths
  • Heads of Corporate communications and External relations
  • All Supervisors, Middle Managers, Department Heads and Senior Managers
  • Non-business professionals who need a wider understanding of Graphics and Multimedia Design
  • People who are likely to take up leadership positions in the not too distant future