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Office For Professionals


Learn to communicate in an office setting, understand common office procedures and use technology to organize business information offline and online. This course frees you from the restriction of a physical space office to working anywhere you are with a smart device (Phone, tablet, computer etc.). We teach you how to setup yourself/company to in office or remotely with confidence Using Google workspace tools such sheets, meet, slide, jamboard etc.

The course helps participants to use Microsoft office application such as MS Word like a pro – it teaches them how to formatting text, insert video, assign themes, create table, generate index, create Bibliography, reviewing documents, and so on. The training on MS Excel helps participants use spreadsheets effectively. The participants will know how to use cell data, format data, create worksheets, analyze data, create different types of charts, understand, apply and create formulas for calculations, etc. and a host of other office applications.

Learning Outcome

  • Learning about IT hardware, Software and its relationship.
  • Understanding the internet.
  • In-depth use of Microsoft office (word, PowerPoint, excel, Visio and project).
  • how to use google work space.
  • How to edit pdf files and covert pdf to doc and vice versa.
  • Offline and online office integration.


21 hours course duration (3 hours class session)

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